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If you have considered the options, and are still debating what is best in the pros and cons of hotel vs. vacation rental, understand that many hotel chains, such as Marriott and Hilton, do offer extended-stay options, and they include many amenities and features that are similar to a vacation rental, but under the umbrella and direction of a respected hotel chain, giving you the best of both worlds while traveling. Hotels have pros and cons, and while hotels are more traditional and have had time to be refined, rentals are the modern convenience with more pros than cons.

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Depending on the size of the group you are traveling with, rentals can be better than hotels. While a vacation rental can provide a cheaper alternative than a standard hotel, typically, one is walking into somebodys house or apartment. While many vacation rentals are usually larger in size than your average hotel room, it is important to keep in mind that a vacation rental includes either shared rooms, private rooms within the home/apartment, or an entire house/apartment.
Unlike a hotel room, which typically comes equipped with a maximum of two rooms, vacation rentals are usually entire homes. Even if you are traveling with a big group or another couple, you will have lots of room if you choose the right rental.
If you want more space than hotel rooms provide, choosing an Airbnb-listed home might be more appealing. If you are traveling solo or in a couples unit, you might find the additional space provided by an Airbnb is not necessary, and a standard hotel room is a better value. Hotel rooms are usually better than staying in an Airbnb for tourists on a vacation, although ultimately, this depends on personal preference.

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While Airbnb can be better for longer stays, the apartments rentals are usually lacking in amenities when compared with hotels, unless you are booking the higher-end listings. The amenities that you would receive in a hotel and in an Airbnb apartment are quite different.
A standard hotel room comes with far more safety and security measures than a typical vacation rental on Airbnb. Price Larger price point range, extra cleaning fees, single rooms available on cheaper stays, generally higher nightly prices An Airbnb safety Never truly know what your Airbnb host is going to be like, typically does not have room for valuables Extra security, full-time employees, cameras, and locking boxes Hotels amenities tend to only come with basic things such as toiletries, laundry, etc. Household amenities typically come with more luxurious amenities such as a pool, spa, room service, a free breakfast buffet, etc. Privacy depends on what kind of place you are booking.

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While hotels tend to offer fixed prices per night, vacation rentals are more likely to be at the owners discretion. Staying at a vacation rental for an extended period of time can mean that nightly costs will average out, making them equal and cheaper than hotel nights. Breaking your rental lease is likely to cost much more money than canceling your hotel room.
With amenities such as washers, kitchens, extra bedrooms, and other benefits such as yards or balconies, you can often save money staying at a home rental instead of booking a hotel room or rooms.
Homes are larger than typical hotel rooms, offering greater privacy and bang for your buck in highly populated cities. Vacation rentals offer more square footage per person than hotel rooms, and even most bed-and-breakfasts. Because a vacation rental is not connected to other rooms, as you will find at hotels, it feels more like a small, personal house of your own.

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Some of the larger rentals that you will find in the U.S. Virgin Islands feature four or more rooms, as well as plenty of bathrooms so that everyone can enjoy privacy, making them ideal for holidays when you are taking extended family. You are giving guests more privacy/more space than traditional hotels — short term rentals are ideal for families. The benefits of staying at a Vacation Rental vs. Hotel sound intuitive — more space, cooking facilities — but renting a Cottage or Cabin is not right for everyone.
Having so many options makes for the opportunity for truly customized holiday experiences, but you may find yourself getting bogged down wondering whether hotel or vacation rentals are best for your family. When planning your next vacation or work trip, you are going to want to carefully think about where you are going to stay, carefully weigh your options, and factor a lot of factors into the decision before making your final selection. There are certainly times when we choose to stay at a hotel and are completely satisfied with our choices.

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While every traveler has his/her preferences, generally speaking, we prefer renting places (usually houses, apartments, or condominiums) over booking hotel rooms. Those traveling with a large family or many friends might have to book several hotel rooms in order to fit everyone in terms of sleeping and private space.
Sites like Airbnb and VRBO will state the number of guests that are allowed on one property, and although additional guests can incur fees, it is generally cheaper than paying for a hotel room per person. Religious accommodation: Many religious buildings and organizations provide accommodations for a fraction of the price of a hotel or rented house.
Hotels and resorts provide many amenities to make your stay ideal, but staying at a private home may have some small downsides. You get to pick and choose what kind of property and amenities will make your vacation really special. When staying in a hotel, you are going to have a luxurious experience tailored specifically to fulfill your dream vacation.
Fortunately, luxurious vacation hotels usually feature accommodations to help you conquer every single one. If you or one of your traveling companions is a regular gym user, and staying in shape–even on vacation–is a must, consider that most hotel chains provide at least one basic fitness facility.

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Flexibility with length of stay: If you are not sure how long you need a place to stay, then hotel rooms might be a better choice. While hotels offer benefits, too (especially to those with elite status), rentals do, too — and in many cases, at a far more customized level.